Bloody Black Skulls (Bloody Royals Book III)

Bloody Black Skulls (Bloody Royals Book III)

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T.O. Smith By lightthecandle Completed

Hayley was 17 when she was dragged into the sh*t known as the Bloody Black Skulls. She had one sister and two brothers. All of them were ruthless and scary as hell. Anyone who crossed one of their paths tried to keep their heads down and their mouths shut.

Being like this was a requirement for Hayley, being as she was the one that had to take over the Bloody Black Skulls.

When Cole and Amelia, Hayley's parents, stepped down from their spots, it was up to Hayley and her oldest brother, Jordan, to make things right and get them out of all of the sh*t their family had dragged the club into.

Their plan could very well go to crap, however, when Hayley almost runs over a man left in the road for dead.

  • alcohol
  • beating
  • beer
  • biker
  • club
  • danger
  • drugs
  • fear
  • fight
  • guns
  • liquor
  • violence
ros3lla_ ros3lla_ Aug 15, 2016
If this is the guy that becomes Hayley's old man, no offence but why this name? It's not exactly sexy lmao
Well finally someone been diagnosed.. About time.. I think shes not the only one sociopath. Here whole fam is
I love this girl... She has made me laugh sooo hard it made my crapy day into a good one
xomisha xomisha Jan 14, 2015
This sexual tension got me fuckedd up,already having to re-evaluate who my faves are;holy shitt Lucifer is a babe!*Sighs*This was fricking amazing,I can't wait for the next chapter:D
SahraKeith SahraKeith Jan 14, 2015
Oh my god, I'm absolutely in LOVE with this chapter! I love how I can feel the emotions: the anger, the sexual tension and the power that one holds over the other. It's official this is the best chapter to me; case closed.
Ur_QueenShan Ur_QueenShan Jan 14, 2015
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa shetttttttttttttt ive been waitin on this far to longgggg great update!! love it