Saved || John Bender

Saved || John Bender

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When Claire Standish, Andrew Clark, Allison Reynolds, Brian Johnson, John Bender, and the newest student at Shermer High, Diana Livingston are all stuck in Saturday detention, they all get to learn about one another.  Diana and John immediately have their eye on one another. After all the antics in Saturday detention, what happens to everyone on Monday? 

*I do not own The Breakfast Club, I only own my character Diana Cosette Livingston, her family, Stephanie, Kimberly, Dominic, Rhett, Link, and Sean.*

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I am surprised other people felt like that. I watched the movie and I was immediately like "Okay, I wonder of stuff about John is on Wattpad <3 "
What? No Brian was the one who was talk about science club and stuff.
DaddyWil DaddyWil May 01
This is my favorite part, especially when he says, "Do you slip her the hot beef injection."
Same to the both of you. It's my favorite that I keep hearing it in my head when he says it.
marifilippa marifilippa Nov 21, 2015
I watched it today, and I feel in love with him, he's so hooooot
dreamwaves dreamwaves May 18, 2015
Omfg you like michael jackson AND the breakfast club?! can we please be best friends like rn?