Lipstick, High-Heels, And Smoking Barrels.(#Watty's 2015)

Lipstick, High-Heels, And Smoking Barrels.(#Watty's 2015)

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Ali By blueeyedhunny Completed

My heels clicked sharply as I strutted my way up to the bar. A seductive sway in my hips as I sashayed my way to the bar stool taking a seat. The bass of the club boomed around me. My tight red cocktail dress hugged my curves in all the right places.

I crossed my legs as I sat waiting at the bar. Dark eyes watched my every move from the corner of the VIP lounge. Time to make my move. I carefully reached up, removing the decorative chopstick I had holding my hair in place.

My hair cascaded in thick brunette curls falling over my ears hiding my ear piece and blonde locks. I tapped my almond shaped nails against the counter. I took my compact mirror from my clutch bag flipping it up. I peered into it "checking" my appearance

In the reflection I could see my target. Sitting comfortably surrounded by companions I assumed to be heavily armed. I smirked to myself. No challenge. None at all. I turned my head over my shoulder slightly but still enough to catch his eye. I gave him a flirtatio...

Tori-G Tori-G May 05
They could still get your DNA off it.. it would be better to keep them and burn them later..
- - Jun 14, 2016
Oh ya just surrounded by heavily armed men while you're by yourself, no problem at all!
LawvlyBB LawvlyBB Sep 16, 2015
Should have wrapped your other leg around his neck and use that momentum to. Bring him down land him on his back THAT WOULD BE FIRE
Keri8794 Keri8794 Jan 06, 2015
Thank you!!! hehe I loved this chapter... especially Axel! :)
Keri8794 Keri8794 Jan 06, 2015
Ah I am loving this!!! Fantastic job!!! I can't wait for the rest!!! :)
blueeyedhunny blueeyedhunny Jan 06, 2015
@sweetisme Thanks.  I will update soon.  I need to plan a new writing schedule