Short Sex Stories

Short Sex Stories

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missmysteryx By missmysteryx Updated Jul 04

So this is my first story, hope you like it :)
WARNING: Mature Content!

 So this so called 'amazing' party that Angie suggested was not so 'amazing' at all. Me here, Eliza, loning on my own just standing there, like a loner. 

 Suddenly, in the corner of my eye, I caught the sight of someone. A boy, a hot boy. I looked over at him again, subtly though, but he definitely noticed me noticing him. 

Oh shoot! Im completely screwed! 

With that, I started walking towards the door to leave, but this hot boy followed me. I was about to open the door with the handle (like a normal person would) and suddenly somebody grabbed my hand. It was hot boy(when I don't know people's names, I will give them 'code names'). 

He took me upstairs the huge house. We went down a corridoor, left, right, up another stairway, until we reached a little attic room. Now I must admit, it was pretty done up for sexy couples to get down and dirty, but the thing was, it had never been used. And it was obvious from ...

Lol so funny virgin girl go hardcore unbelievable can I know the name of that girl ;)
Sorry I meant to erase this I was just seeing what would happen if I pressed randomly on my keyboard
lovepixie lovepixie Dec 30, 2015
WOW!!! I love it please up date it I wanna know what they do next!
lovepixie lovepixie Dec 03, 2015
Good story! TIP: don't mention the body parts it looses its vibe! No mention of 'boobs' 'penuis' ect
missmysteryx missmysteryx Apr 21, 2015
@ilovehalloween123 sorry to both of you. i will update soon, ive been stressing about  exams and stuff so i shud soon ☺
CarolLopez6 CarolLopez6 Apr 02, 2015
I love this story and it fills my dirty empty mind but it was just short so im not that so satisfied