Perverted Quadruplets (Jelsa)

Perverted Quadruplets (Jelsa)

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#25 in Random - 18th January 2015 .

"Take my hoodie off," Jack ordered. I shook my head and soon I feel how he is pulling the hoodie off from me. (She Stole My Heist by melantha123 chap 38)

This one paragraph brought four perverted minded Jelsa shippers together. Are you one of them?

Come on and read some stuff that's directly from the minds of perverted fangirls!

(Not a fanfiction but a random book probably. About how our minds work.. in this Jelsa business. Lol)

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PurpleLurple12 PurpleLurple12 Nov 24, 2016
One day I'm gonna have to assassinate you all because you know too much of me JJJEEELLLSSSAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
MarielleOfArendelle MarielleOfArendelle Jan 04, 2017
I lost my innocence long time ago... Ever since those steamy jelsa scenes 😍❄️💙
Chiararoos_Disney Chiararoos_Disney Feb 02, 2017
YES I MADE IT IN (the book is already two years old but still 😂😂)
tat-tati14 tat-tati14 Jan 18, 2017
🤚🏽🖐🏽that's right I rise my hands I'm hardcore jelsa shipper
IdioticPineTrees IdioticPineTrees Jul 21, 2015
                              (i write a whole lot of smut and im probably the most perverted girl ever)
ChrissyCostanza459 ChrissyCostanza459 Mar 18, 2015
Please, I need to Join cause I'm constantly Obsessed with JELSA.. PLEASE