Sex Is Second Nature To Me

Sex Is Second Nature To Me

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LoveLifeBooks4eva By LoveLifeBooks4eva Completed

Don't be fooled by the title.

It all started when he walked in the party. He captured everyone. Including me. Perfect. Player. Heartbreaker. Bad boy. I can destroy him with my twisted ways but I didn't know what I was dragging myself into. And that was my mistake.

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hhikikomori hhikikomori Nov 02, 2016
                              YOUR LIPS LOOK LIKE CRISPY BACON
HowBigIsUranus HowBigIsUranus Aug 15, 2016
Finally a book where it doesn't say 'we were best friends since diapers' god that's so overused.
hhikikomori hhikikomori Nov 30, 2016
My mom would murder  me if I wore that kind of clothes. But then I never would, so... yeah... have fun.
ChloeTigerHoran ChloeTigerHoran Sep 02, 2015
Now I want chocolate! We'll have to find some toblerone again tomoz ast
flying_trex flying_trex Aug 09, 2015
wait wait wait...did you just say shucking?THE MAZE RUNNER!!!!!
skyeeee-bleus skyeeee-bleus Aug 05, 2015
I believe I could have lived a long and happy life without the knowings of your bladder problems thanks.