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Glasses and Tattoos

Glasses and Tattoos

61K Reads 2.7K Votes 60 Part Story

Robyn is 16 and is starting her new school... Again! She is an expert in these situations. Ollie is 17 and oblivious to overly-lip-glossed girls following his every rebellious move. He is haunted with the memories of his childhood, and uses cigarettes and alcohol to stop his nightmares. But there is one thing he wants... Robyn. He likes her nerdy ways, her stubborn attitude and clumsiness. Along comes Milo, he's prepared to ruin Ollie's life to any extent as they are natural born enemies. Robyn can't help but see the charm and compassion every time she looks, speaks or hears about Milo. The little voice in her head and the small force of energy pulling her towards Milo. She can't ignore the his face popping up in her dreams. 
But Robyn can't ignore the little acts of love from Ollie which catch her breath, or make the flutters in her chest stop when she is around him. But she needs to choose Ollie or Milo as she is drifting closer to them but is still miles away.

EmmaT12345 EmmaT12345 4 days ago
Their high school sounds like my middle school with how everything is set up, but there is only 2 grades in the middle school
RhiMH1 RhiMH1 Oct 04, 2016
I have only moved school once but I have moved house 5 times and somehow live next door to 5 boys who are constantly throwing parties AHAHAH
MagconBoys72819 MagconBoys72819 Aug 02, 2016
I haven't even read it yet and I hope it's Ollie not milo 😂
Im not American but i know there schooling and just saying if she skipped a grade she would be in senior yr not jr which she would be if she didn't skip sorry if this is wrong it maybe but i dunno im Australian and our schooling is WAY dif
Lea_Tedisco29 Lea_Tedisco29 Oct 02, 2016
This seems like a really long story, considering its a 60 part story 
                              But I can't wait to read it
wishfulxdiamond wishfulxdiamond Aug 06, 2016
I feel the pain. I have moved about 12 times in my life and I am now 17.  And yeah I moved half way through some years and it is a huge pain.