Death ever after

Death ever after

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bearful By bearful Updated Jan 16, 2011

I thought I was hearing church bells from afar

but only it's just a loud alarm

I could feel my chest so hard and heavy

my eyes so weary I can't open it.

Still I know I was wearing black 

only a few flashbacks were coming back

I remember walking on the stone steps

hearing a soft tune and seeing people smiling on my left

Then as I was on the front 

right next to the cross of the Lord

A man standing next to me said I was lucky

for walking right on the aisle in white was my Kelly

Next thing I know as I take her hand

gravity pulled me and on the ground I land

I can't feel anything not even the beat of my heart

there I lay unconscious and everything was dark

I was half fine but I cannot move

I heard the doctors said it was true

that I had a heart attack right there

and I prayed to the Lord to see her once again

I could see her, the only beauty in my eyes

the sweetest candy I ever called mine

she was there sitting at the corner, a complete mess

and she was wearing her l...

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