Fighting Through It All [Dean Winchester fanfic] #Wattys2015

Fighting Through It All [Dean Winchester fanfic] #Wattys2015

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Raised in heaven, Myra Evans sat on angels' knees as they told her stories. She hugged the angels and petted their wings, and played hide and go seek with them even though they always knew where she was. She grew up with angels as her best friends, her family.

As she got older, they started treating her differently. Instead of being an innocent little girl, she started to be treated like a warrior. The angels she once played with were now her fighting instructors, trying to form her into the perfect warrior. She never knew the difference, she just missed when she got to play.

One day, she decides she's had enough. The angels have always told her that the front door is always unlocked, but after the stories she's heard,she doesn't want to leave. Until one day, everything changes.

(Theme Song for this book is Let Her Go by Passenger)

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There's good and evil in anything cause there has to be a balance. And btw this book is amazing so far
White on white on white is a huge no no… I've ruined two pairs of pants, one shirt, and five pairs of shoes.… then again I lived out in the backwoods
You know when you think about it they are wasting perfectly good food.
I can't stand people telling me what to do. I guess you can say I have a problem with authority.
- - Aug 17
Guys, so get this:
                              If you rearrange the letters in Myra, you get Mary...
                              Just gonna let that sink in...
Oh hell no. Give me some black and dark red clothing and I will be like a dark angel (Book reference.)