Trapped Love ✓

Trapped Love ✓

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ABrunetteGirl♡ By ABrunetteGirl Completed

Everyone can believe in the idea of being innocent until proven guilty but when someone holds the evidence to prove your guilt, how long can you continue to run from your inevitable fate?

After moving to America in an attempt to escape her troubled past, Lola Haywell dives head first into the idea of a fresh start and it isn't long before she lands on her feet. Lola begins living a life which every typical teenager dreams of: popularity, great friends and even catching the attention of Oakmore High School's golden boy Zac Enderly. Everyone adores her, everyone wants to be her.

However, when familiar faces resurface and explosive events unfold, Lola's new life begins to crumble before her eyes. As people start to question the truth behind her past and unearth something shocking, the secret which has the power to destroy Lola and everything she has, threatens to be revealed. 

And her love which was once free becomes trapped between the idea of embracing the past or running away from it forever...

Started: somewhere in 2014
Completed: 12th June 2020

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