He She It

He She It

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Lilly Martin is not model-material, but Adam Hiller is, and it turns out he likes to wear dresses when nobody's looking, and is in fact not a 'he' at all. When their school announces a fashion designing competition, Lilly decides to kill two (or three) birds with one stone and:

1) Win the fashion competition by making the best dress Edgley High has ever seen. 

2) Help Adam (who prefers Eve, thank you very much) come out as the girl she is.

3) Annoy the bigots.

(cover by @inevitxble)

onedirection_gurll onedirection_gurll Jan 30, 2016
When I first saw the name Adam Hiller I thought it said 'Hitler' and then I'm like 'OMG ADAM, ADOLF, THE SAME NAME ALMOST'
ComfyBeds123 ComfyBeds123 Dec 15, 2016
I was literally just listening to that song thirty seconds ago
HauntingMyLove HauntingMyLove Aug 05, 2016
I have gone mad.
                              "But I'll tell you a secret, all the best people are crazy."
LunaFolldingue LunaFolldingue Dec 21, 2016
This story look so... I don't know, it's just the type of  story I search.
Good grief I thought it said Adolph Hitler instead of Amdam Hiller
wank-182 wank-182 Jan 16, 2016
i swear i thought his name would be adam hitler can i kill myself now