Heal My Broken Self             Forever And Always          COMPLETED

Heal My Broken Self Forever And Always COMPLETED

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Paris Tynan By XX_BlackPanther99_XX Completed

When 21 year old pregnant Caroline Santiago comes back home to find her werewolf mate with someone else she is heart broken. Her life is shattered and all her dreams are gone just by one person.
She takes immediate action and turns her back to the one person she thought she could trust and along with her companions, leave's the place she once called home.
How could she love another, when HE was the one made for her.
How will she raise her kids?
(You no You want too ;) )
Note: Some of these chapters are very short, please excuse that 

Also PLEASE excuse my poor lack of spelling and grammar. I wrote this when I was younger, it might suck a tiny kbit but give it a go oh and my range of vocabulary isn't really good so yeah ╮(╯▽╰)╭


First book written by XX_AthenaFury99_XX 
- First completed book

dashewolff dashewolff Aug 06, 2015
Truth is the one thing I will never accept from my love, is cheating. We established ground rules in our marriage and that is the one thing we agreed would be the deal breaker.