The Truth Hunters (Space Academy Book 2)

The Truth Hunters (Space Academy Book 2)

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Emilia Zeeland By emilita Updated May 13, 2017

[Early chapters occasionally rehash some of the basics from Book 1: The Unsound Theory.]

When an odd mutation is brought to light by the gutsiest students at the Space Academy, the shocking discovery creates division between the humans inhabiting the old world and those that settled on the planet Nova Fia during the apocalypse. 

Determined to find out why the Fians claim to be connected to her, Yalena needs to dig deep into her past and discover who gave her up as a baby. Still, a truth that stayed hidden for twenty years has a way of remaining elusive. Yalena must employ all of her and her friends' talents on a shadow quest to hunt it down and, at the same time, to figure out the Fians' true intentions.

Throw in some grueling training, a few inconvenient affections, as well as twenty tireless freshmen to babysit, and second year at the Academy just got tricky.

Book 2 from the Space Academy series. You can read The Unsound Theory first for a complete understanding of the Space Academy Universe.

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GeneecomcastnetGene9 GeneecomcastnetGene9 Apr 03, 2017
A good way to start the sequel. Obviously it so far could stand alone but having recently finished the first story makes think one better and easier to follow. Looking forward to having more reading time in another day and a half.
kasross kasross Sep 19, 2017
So on Earth the waters have risen to cover all coastal areas and the pollution is so dense that they have to inject the rain clouds just to keep the higher level air breathable; nice job earthlings!
                              Yours is a great story and this a very good beginning for book number 2.
Chrysbliss Chrysbliss Aug 17, 2016
How come I haven't seen the trailer? I guess I was busy reading the chapter...Anyway, that was one more heck of a trailer! I watched it like four times...
Chrysbliss Chrysbliss Aug 13, 2016
Poor Alec...I hope he'll kick butt as a pilot. Chris mustn't be Top again.
_uzmii _uzmii Nov 27, 2015
I don't even know what to say! Your choice of words is amazing, descriptions are sufficient and everything is so realistic! Very interesting! :D
_uzmii _uzmii Nov 27, 2015
The language and tone of the whole conversation is so realistic I'm having a hard time believing that it's written by a non published author. You've definitely done some research :)