Lycan You.

Lycan You.

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"Who are you? " My mind raced. My large sapphire eyes would scan the large brute, taking in a whiff of his cheap cologne. I didn't like this,  I was already tied up to a chair and beaten... so how much worse can this get? I felt my nostrils flare before snorting at him, struggling more to get out of the chair. 

"Quiet mutt,  you're here under the Alphas command. " He would retort,  his arm muscles would rip under his tight black shirt.  Scoffing I stop struggling and look at the side.  

"What does a Alpha want with a Lycan? " 

Oh, if most of you don't get the title.
Liking You. 
But I changed it to
Lycan You.
Since it's a werewolf romance.

Anyways thanks for reading! 
And enjoy

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BrookeLove4 BrookeLove4 Apr 24, 2016
Doesn't that mean to like have a child in you or the act of becoming pregnant not giving birth