18 things to do to complete her happiness.

18 things to do to complete her happiness.

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MrsMellark By Peetaismylife_ Updated Jul 02, 2012

Chapter 1:

(Two years ago)

Aymen's POV


 I heard my alarm clock rang. Shoot!

First day of junior year. Dad had married for the billionth time to this lady called Jenny Monroe. Thank god all those ladies he married did NOT have children. 

I already have an annoying elder sister named Beth. She thinks that if she gets what she wants when she wants, she thinks that she gets to boss me around. 

When she brings her boyfriends around to the house, she sends them to my room for an hour for some 'bonding time' because Beth has graduated from Princeton, is working at a well paying bank, and she might marry one of her hundred's  of boyfriends. So she wanted me to like one of them. I hated all of them. 

The ''Boyfriends'' would either touch my stuff or would bring some food and put their dirty hands on my things and i would go to the basement where i could be safe. 

I used to go to my bestfriend's Johnny house. His parents are divorced now, so he lives with his neat freak, video...

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