Found My Home.       #Wattys2015

Found My Home. #Wattys2015

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Himani Raval By HimaniRaval Completed

"Can't You just leave me alone and mind your own goddamn business ??" l snapped.....
He just pins me to hits locker with both his hands on either side of my head, caging me 
between him and the locker..... 
One of his hand gently caress my cheek and he takes a step forward
his lips centimetres from mine.... All I could do was gasp at the closeness..... I peek up at him and my 
eyes travel down to his lips...
He takes this opportunity to kiss me.
It wasn't a gentle one but a very rough and passionate one.
Like he was trying to prove a point to me.....
After what felt like hours he pulls away, still very close to me and 
whispers, "YOU ARE MINE !!"

Cover credit: @jiyong_

sparkle765 sparkle765 Jul 09
Girls usually don't call themselves beautiful. Love the book though!
Just wrote whatever you feel like cause it could end up to be an amazing book. Be free not stiff!!! And make sure someone read it before publishing. Better to have another person read it before.
Nice! Ur doing great! Look,i have been wanting to find some good romance books but,every one of them either has disgusting language or nast jokes and sexual parts in it! I would appreciate it if u could take all of the languag out of this book before hand! Thx for understanding
You are the first author to be open and I like that you are very unique and I admire that so keep up the good work. :)
stanchogiwa stanchogiwa Nov 29
Don't need other people reminding you when your reflection tells you everyday, eh?
sillygal03 sillygal03 Jun 29
I have such a dirty mind that I read common as condom. WATTPAD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME????