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Rain like Embers (Completed)

Rain like Embers (Completed)

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J. Halcyon By softpetrichor Completed

It all began with a handful of berries and ended with the sky raining fire.
  See, Adrienne lived a life behind walls. Against her will, she was destined to bear a prophecy's child with the elven Prince Finnian. Holy words warned of an evil growing behind the horizon. She waited patiently, as the darkness continued to brood at the heels of the mountains. The gods were desperate to salvage what once lay so gloriously beneath their thrones, even if Earth is almost no more. But this hero, this heir of two Kingdoms, would surely bring the peace that everyone had been aching for since the beginning of this curse. There was no doubt about it.
  Because the prophecy said so. Because the gods promised.
  And then there's Ari, the new Captain of the Royal Guard. Ari was like the others. He walked amongst them, spoke their tongue and breathed their air. It didn't matter that he always hid in hands in those strange gloves; it didn't matter that he had a soul chiseled out of black ice. And it certainly didn't matter that he had those unearthly eyes-eyes that would make Adrienne's heart cower and cling to the bars of her ribcage. Because, after all, he was one of them.
  Little did they know that the only blood Ari needed on his hands were the mutilated remains of the prophecy.
  But Ari soon learns that love can cripple people into the deadliest of deeds. In a sudden fit of betrayal, the assassin and his prey are trapped in a race against the darkness brooding at the heels of the mountains. Adrienne discovers that their journey stirs magic as old as time within her. And Ari finds himself in the unforgiving grip of the prophecy he worked so hard to destroy. 
  It appeared that the gods had a different plan all along.

ohhoworiginal ohhoworiginal Nov 25, 2016
I love that mythological creatures from other civilisations are represented. Tengus!! I am strapping in.
NaomiChow2003 NaomiChow2003 May 25, 2016
So beautiful and compelling...the story will be even more enchanting...*dreamy*
Vanna_1998 Vanna_1998 May 17, 2016
😂 I'm already liking this and it isn't even part of the story!
ohhoworiginal ohhoworiginal Nov 25, 2016
I love that mythology from other cultures are represented. Tengus!! I am strapping in.
knight1215 knight1215 Jun 11, 2016
The Gods.. so the baby of Elesmeera since I would assume is half human because her sister killed the dad easily
carelesslife carelesslife Jun 03, 2016
Its been a while sense I have read a book with such great detail like this. My book prayers have been answered! Im literally thinking of this book as a movie opening with the mysterious woman speaking and flashes of peace along with upcoming chaos falashing across the screen... just AMAZING.