Jared's Sister, Paul's Imprint~Twilight Fanfic~OLD VERSION-WILL BE DELETING SOON

Jared's Sister, Paul's Imprint~Twilight Fanfic~OLD VERSION-WILL BE DELETING SOON

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•Kathleen Corkhill• By pillowzzzzzzzzz Updated Nov 26

Abigail is Jared Cameron's sister. She is 17 years old and a tomboy. Abi is best friends with Embry, Jake, Quil and of course the Paul Lahote! Abi has been in love with Paul ever since they first ran into each other at the beach when they were 5. Now they are 17 and in high school. 

What happens when Paul, Embry and Jared disappear for 3 weeks and when they come back and they hate Abi and don't even want to speak to her. 

The reason why is that the guys are shape shifters and Sam ordered them not to because they could hurt Abi by accident. But of course she doesn't know about that, although Abi does know that the Cullens are vegetarian vampires. 

Will the boys be able to control their anger so they can try and go back to normal with Abi? Of course the boys and Sam are always watching Abi from a distance wherever she goes but Abi doesn't know.

 Abi then realizes all of the guys are slowly leaving her and just when she needs them most when a scary part of her past catches up with with her again.  

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