Surviving ➳ bellamy blake

Surviving ➳ bellamy blake

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Reina's and Bellamy's story continues. This time, instead of the Grounders, they face the Mountain Men.  
Sequel to Survivor!

 [Season 2]

I suck at descriptions so bear with me.

The paragraph would sound better read out loud if you deleted her the first time and left her just after crouching down to.  It sounds a little bit repetitive if you keep both hers.
It says in the first paragraph: A creek can be seen from the distance, when it should say: A creek can be seen in the distance. I LOVE THIS SERIES!!!!!!!!! I think you are a great writer and I hope your writing career takes you to wonderful places.
I think in this paragraph Lincoln should say: I'll be back with the antidote as soon as I can, instead of: Be back with the antidote as soon as I can because if you say it with be back it sounds like Lincoln is a modern civilian instead of a enemy battling warrior.
- - Dec 20, 2015
I have a Bellamy Blake Love Story. It only has 1 Chapter but I will update every day if I get 5 comments. Thanks.