Save Me! (StiCy)

Save Me! (StiCy)

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ダニア By Cookies_anime_bands Completed

After the Dragons and The Grand magic games, Lucy started to doubt herself.

She would call herself weak and useless. Her friends noticed that Lucy hadn't been as cheerful and happy as she used to be. She no longer wanted to go on missions with Natsu or anyone. Only solo missions, all the time. 

One day Lucy goes on a solo mission not knowing the danger that awaited her.

The mission was to defeat a dark Mage who was turning people into their worst fears...

What will Lucy get turned into?
Who will find the blonde girl?
What will they do?
What will 'He' do?
Will he help her?
Will he succeed in helping her?

Maybe human potatoes!

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This is like my fifth time reading I sent your fanfic to my best friend to read :3!
Good luck, Hey Gray why don't you take this job huh. Juvia will go with you aye!
aferranti aferranti Sep 01
I thought u were gonna say "open gate of the butler: SEBASTION I SUMMON THEE!"
Lucy will be calling you daddy soon 😏😏😏😏😏😏
Well they would know her scent. Minerva beat the shiat out of her in the GMGs