Leave me alone bad boy, I'm just a FAT girl!

Leave me alone bad boy, I'm just a FAT girl!

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Mimi_Starfly By BonnieRenesmee Updated Sep 10

What happens when the fake badass is found out by the real one? 

Sunsan had her heart on being feared by the people at her new highschool so that she wouldn't get bullied due to her weight as she appropriately weight 160 pounds. She spread all kinds of rumours online of her being kicked out, arrested, shot and many more to make a image for herself. Fear was a powerful thing and she used it to her advantage. But when the sexy original badass locks his eyes on her, her world is turned upside down. 

Lucas the sometimes sadistic, playful and overall hotshot doesn't allow her to slip from his grasp no matter how much she tries. Simple as he wanted her and what Lucas wanted he got.

When can you separate innocent games from feelings? Only time will tell so join her on her journey as she learns how to love herself, discovering and finding confidence.

you know he knows her name but she should ask whats his name so far im calling 'boy obsessed with kittens'😂
17 fat, wear black, listen to metal !! That's literally me!!
Cuppyy Cuppyy Sep 10
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Ember77 Ember77 May 26, 2015
I love this story the bad boy going for the fake badass is as some!!! I can't wait to see how their relationship develops and I hope Susan gains more confidence poor girl so pleeeeaaaase update again soon!
msjulbear msjulbear Apr 04, 2015
I like this a lot so far!!! (: really excited for the next chaptee
Ember77 Ember77 Mar 15, 2015
first two pages I was hooked pleeeeeeeaaaaaaase update!!!!!!!!!