Love Me, Love God ( completed)

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salvezza By annnie19 Completed
Meet Lateshia an arrogant, self-absorbed and vain Young woman. Walking down the path of rebellion and resentment. Beneath it all is a broken young lady, haunted by the pain of in her life. As she goes through what can only be described as a roller-coaster year, Can god, break the walls in her life, and steer her away from the bullet train to hell??? 
    Any comments would be well appreciated, it's my first time, so feel free to add your critiques and ideas.
Great Stuff!!! I'm really drawn in, where is the rest of it. The character of Lateshia is really intriguing,It's a bit hard to hate her though lol. Anyways i would say keep it coming, i have fanned you.... AND  i can't wait for the rest.....