Glancing At The Jock.

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Francesca By FrancescaR Updated 3 years ago
Danielle is an only child, she didn't get the protective brother to help her out if she was in trouble. so instead Danielle hide away behind her glasses and her books. But she takes a chance when summer break comes and the hottest guy in school, Dylan has a brief interest in her, so she reveals her true warmhearted personally and starts dating Dylan. She feels herself fall for his gentle ways, which she never expected.  To her shock as the summer break comes to an end, Dylan dumps her leaving her heartbroken. So upset she locks herself in her room and cries herself to sleep. Her dad becomes increasingly worried, so her studying-to-be fashionista cousin visits with a mission, turn Danielle from GEEK to CHIC. 
    So when returns to school with her best-friends, Ryan the cute jock shes known since toddlers, and her other best-friend Sabrina, which people are totally scared by her bad-ass attitude she cant help but take pride in her new look and the instant interest Dylan has gain again for her. 
    WARNING: This story is has the classic stereotypes of mean-ass blond barbies, hot jocks and nerds/geeks. Its all quite cliche, but isn't that what makes all the fun and drama?
wow..amazing hooked already and it's not even chptr 1
this description sounds like the movie grease to me. you know the one with john travolta?
This story is right up my street! I'm really enjoying this so far. Voted and added to library :)
Wow... this is sorta like my story "How I Got MY Crush To Like Me"! Great descriptions! *voted*
This is really good! & I'm going to read more later :) *added into library* 
Good detail.  I could feel her sadness as well.  I'm curious to know why she thinks it's the last time they'll ever talk.