The Broken Moon

The Broken Moon

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"I'm not going to hurt you," he said. 

"Yeah well, that's what they always say."

He growled again.

"Stop doing that! What are you, a dog?"

Sixteen year old, almost seventeen, Heather Lyalls is doing leaps by day, but is hiding an abusive relationship at night. She always thought her boyfriend Kyle was different, but seeing him turn into a wolf and then another wolf save her? That tops her list of oddities, especially when she wakes up to the one that saved her and finds out he is an Alpha. 

And she thought splits were odd.

Kiss_Diz Kiss_Diz Aug 21
you can't get arrested if you're not caught *damn it feels good to be a gangsta*
Not really show them the permit coz u have an adult with you
Moon-Rabbit Moon-Rabbit Dec 27, 2015
We are talking about candy canes because after new years candu canes die until the month of December
BalladOfMe BalladOfMe Dec 26, 2015
You may not like me to comment on errors but I just thought it'd be nice to give a heads up.
ynot_s_xasolk ynot_s_xasolk Apr 09, 2015
Why is everyone saying "mine" all the time?
                              Would IT not be better IF they Said 
                              Ooooh i see too Mutch Gollum
                              I just realised this comment is not needed
                              My bad :P
ynot_s_xasolk ynot_s_xasolk Apr 09, 2015
Calm down bro
                              Someone didn't get their favorite cereals today