The Broken Moon

The Broken Moon

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"I'm not going to hurt you," he said. 

"Yeah well, that's what they always say."

He growled again.

"Stop doing that! What are you, a dog?"

Sixteen year old, almost seventeen, Heather Lyalls is doing leaps by day, but is hiding an abusive relationship at night. She always thought her boyfriend Kyle was different, but seeing him turn into a wolf and then another wolf save her? That tops her list of oddities, especially when she wakes up to the one that saved her and finds out he is an Alpha. 

And she thought splits were odd.

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IOverThinkALot IOverThinkALot Oct 12, 2017
My dad's been driving since he was 7 I think. At 10 he had drove all the way to BC on his own-his dad would make him drive all the time- so when it came time for my dad to take his drivers test, he passed with zero marks off
JoyLloyd4488 JoyLloyd4488 Jun 21, 2017
Ill bet you five invisible dollars that the guy who said mine is the guy she saw before. Ok?
Gabthegolfer Gabthegolfer Jul 21, 2017
How can people wake up so late I have to wake up at like 6:00 even in the summer
777_Ellis_Sempai_777 777_Ellis_Sempai_777 Dec 03, 2017
🎶🎵🎶Heather duke, Heather McNamara, and Heather Chandler the all mighty she his a mythic bitch. 🎵🎵Solid Teflon never bothers never harassed. I'd give anything to be like that.🎶🎵
                              Anyone who gets this is my friend.
CoryVolosevich CoryVolosevich Sep 09, 2017
I'm 14 and I've been driving since I was 7. But that's on country roads
I woke up at 3:16pm and then went straight to wattpad to read