Mirror Bond (Counterpartshipping) (Yuya x Yuto)

Mirror Bond (Counterpartshipping) (Yuya x Yuto)

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🌸Yugioh and Ninjago🌸 By PotatoErya Completed

Yuya, just like most people, is a neko. Yuya may not be popular, but with his female outfit and features, it captures a lot of attraction on boys. Especially one boy in particular. 

Yuto, the toughest neko, has feeling for Yuya. But when his friend, Shun Kurosaki was dating Reiji Akaba, Yuto has no other choice but spends his time alone.

But what if one incident brought Yuto and Yuya closer, even though they are complete opposite. Can their mirror bond bring them together?


I do not own Yugioh Arc V or Attack on Titan. 
I don't own the picture.
I only own the plot

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HanaOtaku HanaOtaku Jan 29
Dark aura*I will bite that herbivore to death*attacks*(screams)
PotatoErya PotatoErya Apr 21, 2017
Well usually fan fictions, people change the ages of the characters and also I didn't knew that til couple months ago :)
HanaOtaku HanaOtaku Jan 29
*glares*Herbivore for disturbing peace and assaulting yuya *takes out tonfas ad handcuffs*Kamikorosu(I'll bite you to death)*attacks Yusho*(screams of horror in the background)
Pink__tulip Pink__tulip Oct 07, 2016
I like three days grace...( lol that is all I say but what there's more ) how is it that all I can find is abuse or smut or a combination rape dose eny one else feel this?😈
RisenShadow RisenShadow Jul 07, 2016
                              Why you little --------
                              How dare you do that to my tomato you mother---- little -----
                              I should kill you for your actions.
- - Nov 10, 2015
Yuya Nyoooooooooo! :<
                              But regardless the story looks good ^w^