Dead Suitors Tell No Tales

Dead Suitors Tell No Tales

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Sophie By thedeadlypen Updated Jul 07

There are secrets hidden deep within the walls of Sagewick Castle.

Crown Princess Amarantha has an unusual pastime that she will do anything to keep hidden. She walks a fine line between breaking the law and acting like the perfect lady. If she is found out, her life is over.

Wanted criminal Daxton Grove is in the royal castle, tied down in a suitor's competition to win the princess' hand. He finds himself disguised in the only lifestyle he's ever wanted, on an undercover mission to find a magical potion. However, when the princess discovers his real identity, he must resort to desperate measures to avoid a life in the dungeons.

Amara and Dax both want nothing more than to return to their previous lives. But a murderer is on the loose, sabotaging the suitor competition, and time is running out. 

Innocent lives are at stake, magic is the tip of the iceberg, and death is lurking around every corner.

But love could be the most powerful force that could save or destroy them all.

Highest Ranking: #318 in Fantasy
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This story is so enticing I had to rip my  eyes away from the words just to comment about how amazing it is! What's that father going to do? who is she? why was she fighting?  I have so many questions in so little time! that's exactly how it should be!
SavannahWaterBucket SavannahWaterBucket Jun 29, 2016
I really like how you've started but I've noticed that you overuse the word "she." Sometimes you need to use her name, or a different phrase, like "the princess" or "the battered beauty" that last one sounds a bit odd.... but at least you can see my point.
MulanJiang MulanJiang Mar 10, 2016
Why did you say my story was good?? Yours is absolutely flawless!! I love Amara and the plot already has me hooked. Can't wait to read more! :)
rrobynt rrobynt Apr 02, 2016
If she has to wear a corset, that could help support her bruised ribs....but if it's pulled too tight it could break them.
JettaFrame JettaFrame Aug 03, 2016
@swiftiegirl1010 okay so if you find ANY more stories like this one, I am so down. Loooove it
I'm here from your fanfiction, pretty sure this is on the same awesome level ;)