One or the Other [A Freddy x Bonnie Fanfiction]

One or the Other [A Freddy x Bonnie Fanfiction]

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Dalious By Dalious272 Completed

Every one knows how obsessive Golden Freddy is for Bonnie in the facility of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, but only Bonnie himself knows why, and it's a terrible curse he must live through. Now he must decide whether he will express his true feelings, or hide them away for his (and Freddy's) own safety...

Unlike other Bonnie x Freddy fanfictions on this site, Bonnie will be male (like he's supposed to be).


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LunarEclips1199 LunarEclips1199 May 01, 2017
Golden Freddy is pretty powerful soi don't go and underestimate him if I we're u 😒
Me: um... If you think girl's are weak...think again.... I can you show you who's boss right now...
                              * whispers in a dark tone * so think before you speak Freddy boy.... * hides her bloody axe behind her back *  or bad things WILL happen....
                              * talks normally * ok bye bye 😄😈😄
pawfast10 pawfast10 Apr 17, 2016
That is offensive. I hope you didn't mean it.
                              If you're just joking, then okay, but...
MidnightShadows01 MidnightShadows01 Jul 18, 2016
*Fangirl SCREAM… Toy Bonnie (Boy version) covers my mouth*
Hallucynation Hallucynation Aug 18, 2015
i write fanfics as Bonnie as a boy with Freddy, your fanfic ain't the only one XD 
                              also i love this fanfic!
hoodiesfangirl hoodiesfangirl Aug 14, 2015
OKI! I haven't even read the fist sentence yet but I would like to virtually hi-five you for making Bonnie male :D