SlenderMans Love story

SlenderMans Love story

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Slendermans POV~

I looked down at the new body that lay on the ground, still and motionless. My heart was racing a mile a minute as I recalled what my intentions were only a few moments ago. I just wanted to say...'Hi'. But all the man did was scream and passed out. Just like all the others before him, he wouldn't wake up. I swear didn't do a thing, I just tapped his shoulder while he was walking with a flashlight. Probably trying to find a toilet... Poor man, but who just leaves camp and goes into the dark, cold woods...alone? Honestly.

"Why me...?" I murmur to myself and lightly kick a pebble that lay idol on the moist dirt.

I looked around and found a very tall tree, a perfect place to spend the rest of day. I looked up in the sky to see the sun starting to ascend and the sound of birds starting to chirp filled my non-existent ears. The usual need for shelter becomes extremely urgent as the sun progresses faster. I turned my head back to the tree and extended my left arm to pull ...