Perseus, Prince Of The Heavens (A Percy Jackson fanfic)

Perseus, Prince Of The Heavens (A Percy Jackson fanfic)

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LordReaper By LordReaper Updated Mar 07, 2015

Perseus Jackson was not the son of Poseidon. Instead, he was the firstborn son of Jade Emperor and his wife Wangmu Niangniang. When his father senses the rise of his demonic enemies, he sends his son to the United States, where he is to gain the trust of the Olympian Gods and bring about peace between the two Parthenon's, and in turn, come together to fight the demon horde that marches against Jade Emperor. 

Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson or most characters, Rick Riordan does, or Chinese mythology. 

Story is rated PG-13 just in case. Not sure if I am going to have strong language in this story, but if I do then it's already PG-13.

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Kinkajoc Kinkajoc Apr 12, 2017
long wang? dragon prince? how did Percy Jackson become Chinese?
Kinkajoc Kinkajoc Apr 12, 2017
what ar the characters of his name? it's kind of weird just to write the pin yin.
Shinami_Nigashi Shinami_Nigashi Jun 19, 2017
I really love this story, it's very original you really did your homework here
Davarvone23 Davarvone23 Feb 28, 2017
hey don't fight your both right...... HEY that rhymed (giggles in mind)
wolfmoonhowler wolfmoonhowler May 29, 2016
I am not usually like this...but...
                              ~~~~~I HAVE DIED, EVERYDAY, WAITING FOR YOU!!!!!~~~~~
Rick0277 Rick0277 Jun 26, 2016
Author your a smart boy... Man? Animal? Mutant? Eh whatever. Anyways smart choice on the name.