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Broken (Carl Grimes)

Broken (Carl Grimes)

25.5K Reads 630 Votes 23 Part Story
Jack Johnson is lyfe By CaitlynKennedy7 Completed

When Allicia looses her family, shes on her own for almost 2 years in the outbreak. She meets many new people and learns a lot but when she meets Carl? Everything changes. She feels safe, she's not worried, and she actually enjoys life in the prison. There's still things she dont know.

CrazyNachoLady CrazyNachoLady Dec 24, 2016
But if she is dating Carl than why is she wondering if Tyler is single
LunarTrash LunarTrash Dec 30, 2016
                              MY BROTHER IS CALLED TAYLOR
                              HE HAS BROWN HAIR AND BLUE EYES AND HE TALL AF
                              BUT HE UGLY KMS
                              LMFAO ILLUMINTATI
-daddyriggs -daddyriggs Nov 13, 2016
ChanChanIsAHottie ChanChanIsAHottie Aug 05, 2016
Eberytime it's says Taylor i think "wow... IM SUCH A GOOD PERSON" 😂
DeFabLlama DeFabLlama Sep 12, 2016
Wtf carl has so many sisters betch what are you doing to my carl he nu have like 4 sisters wtf