All These Secrets That I Hold

All These Secrets That I Hold

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betterinmotion By ellendesay Updated Apr 22, 2017

Welcome to Blackriver High. Their Ice Hockey team isn't so great, but the Cheerleading team is top notch. It might be due to all the werewolves and warlock bashing each other about on the field.                                         

                                     "Do you reckon people in big cities live lives like this?"
                                                            "They don't. Big cities are boring"

Edith "Eddie" Rite was living a quiet life in her small Canadian town. The Summer of 2016 brought great change for her, closer to her friends and a boyfriend.

Change didn't only happen for Eddie, as the world that lies just below hers finds itself thrown into disarray. A summer of fun turns in to a harsh winter of war. Injuries are coming from more than Ice Hockey or Cheerleading. Keeping herself safe and hidden becomes a priority, a daily struggle to keep the truth from her guardians. People are disappearing, rarely to be seen again.

Emma and her brother disappeared for a month. Macy Miller returned after three. Philip hasn't been seen since August.

                                           Eddie just wants to make it to graduation.

                                            Witches, Warlocks, Wolves. None are safe.

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