Fernandes of Fairy Tail| ✓

Fernandes of Fairy Tail| ✓

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DISCLAIMER: I do not own Fairy Tail, or any of the characters mentioned in the fanfic, Hiro Mashima does. (If I did, Jerza would be cannon by now!)

WARNING: I purposely added a ton of fluff, so Jellal and Erza  might be a bit OOC. If you want to read a nice, fantasy-type JeRza fanfiction, read my story Child Of Magic.

Birthday Surprise
Valentines Day Special
Ryuuzetsu Land
Game Day
S Class Mission
Fairy Tail Fund Run
A Darker Turn
All Was Well

Were like relatives, because I have a sir name Fernandez in real life.
I am Sorry the Gears That Make the Dirty Mind Work are Spinning so Fast Rn
How about a wedding ring? Erza has to find out about your fiancé some how.... *wink* *wink*
Duh they have a former wizard saint and they have two former members of The Seven Kin of Purgatory
..... *dies of laughter thinking of possibilities* Oh Mira.....
How about the paper spongebob in the ice. That's what the good luck charm is.