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The Clearing

The Clearing

177K Reads 9.4K Votes 35 Part Story
Samantha Cook By SMC_Scookie Completed

Inspired by her father, 16-year-old Ruby never misses an opportunity to challenge her village's ridiculous rules. Her friends and brothers try to dissuade her hot-headed methods, but Ruby can't help it. She doesn't believe Seers should determine the fate of individuals before a crime is committed, and she doesn't back down, not even when the Seers banish her father into the deadly forest.
When Ruby spots survivors beyond the gates, she breaks every rule to save them. She lands the same fate as her father, only to be saved by a psychic instead of banished. But why would a Seer protect a troublesome girl? 

With the village out to get her, Ruby pulls one last stunt that destroys the lives of everyone she has ever known, and to her horror, Ruby learns the dark and twisted truth behind why the psychic saved her.

ImmortalQueen16 ImmortalQueen16 Feb 06, 2016
Sounds like Romeo and Juliet she has to say yes if she has her parent support
KenthaVe KenthaVe Feb 16
oooo! Interesting, you would expect them to be frantic or scared, but calm! Hmmmm maybe they know something the protagonist doesn't? Can't wait to find out more!!
georgia808 georgia808 Dec 07, 2016
It's really sad to think that in the real world, we as a globe have come so far but in this reality it's going backwards 😔
AlinaKG AlinaKG Mar 24, 2016
The second Jacob said mate, I started to read this in an English accent lol...
                              Hold on? So he'll basically be forced on her if he wants her? 
                              Ruby's character is very well developed. I don't really have much to say about this chapter, it was good!
madnessembodied16 madnessembodied16 Nov 30, 2015
This is story is amazing!
                              Is it bad that part of the reason it caught my eyes is that my name is Ruby
macvmacauley macvmacauley Nov 25, 2015
That makes absolutely no sense that she has to say yes if he asks her