Nightmare Frost Next Door (Jelsa) Completed

Nightmare Frost Next Door (Jelsa) Completed

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Qxeen_Nyah_Modern By Qxeen_Nyah_Modern Completed

An 17 year old Elsa Arendelle has a new neighbor 18 year old Jack Frost.. He is very handsome and smart, intense, and mysterious. Jack has a terrifying past that made him what he is. His eyes locks on Elsa. They soon become friends then Jack try's to stay away from her for her safety. Elsa soon finds out Jack horrifying obsession..... Her.

Will Jack obsession get out of hand?
Will Elsa accept him for who he is?
Will they ever be together?
Find out on Nightmare Frost Next Door.

This is Jelsa and Mericcup!!!
Rated R it has language and sexual content YOU BEEN WARNED

Good start, but I hope that the writing gets better throughout the chapters
marlee_tames_28 marlee_tames_28 Jul 12, 2015
I  would like it more if jack's attitude was like that all the time , cuz you know, most stories about jelsa  , jack would be really mean at Elsa at first.. So, I really like this
FangirlOfManyShips FangirlOfManyShips Jun 23, 2015
Will someone give me the name of this song? My phone won't play it.
chloe_winters_frost chloe_winters_frost May 18, 2015
Lol that last part is funny  about him looking at her thro the window and she said well that's not creepy at all lol
iamthequeenoffailure iamthequeenoffailure Apr 21, 2015
OH MY FLIPPING GODS OF THE FLUDGIN GODS...I LUV IT...except hair...uh..okay I guess
Frejiss Frejiss Apr 08, 2015
oĸ ѕo no oғғenѕe вυт wнo goeѕ тo ѕcнool and ѕayѕ "ι вegan тo learn"