The 13th Diary User (Mirai Nikki Fanfiction)

The 13th Diary User (Mirai Nikki Fanfiction)

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You can't spell Slaughter without Laughter!

When you had found out that you were the 13th Diary user, a player in a game of life or death, you had no intentions of losing. Yet at first you had the impression that your Future Diary was useless, and that you would surely die because of it. But in the end it might be the most useful since it tells you how to gain the trust of the people you meet.

Will you win and become the goddess of time and space or will you die like so many others have?

(I don't own any of the characters or Future diary itself.)

lol straight up dickery. He asks for a pencil but u give him a pen
All of the comments just made my day 😂😂 Everyone so funny!
KumiUzumaki KumiUzumaki Jul 30
*raises eyebrow*
                              You can get to know them and they'll trust you.
                              And ta-da!! Lead them to an alley and kill them off!
If only I could just write their names in it and it became my special little Death Note
Don't be a wimp (Y/N)!!
                              Let's kill some people!!!
                              (I have problems 😅)
Cometsky Cometsky 6 days ago
Same. Along with black and white even though they're shades.