Betrayed (StiCy) (FT)

Betrayed (StiCy) (FT)

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♦Forever Alex♦ By ForeverAlex9230 Updated Jun 02, 2015

Full title: Betrayed, Avenger, Forgiver *Sting x Lucy* (Fairy Tail)

Lucy: I hate all of you! I am never coming back to Fairy Tail! I swear i will have my revenge you will definitely regret having treated me badly!


It started the very day Lisanna came back from 'the dead'. Ever since she came back all the guild ever talks about is Lisanna this Lisanna that, especially Natsu. They would say horrible things to me like i was the weakest in the guild or i should quit that i wasn't needed and never will be and said i was a burden. They would throw things at me even a plate. I don't know what i did wrong but i know one thing and that is that i will get my revenge on them just they wait.

Note: Has a bit of LaLu and GrayLu but mainly Sticy. Still thinking if i should have a tiny bit of NaLu

Angel_girl37 Angel_girl37 Mar 03, 2016
So squishy, so soft………… that just sounds perverted in my head.
hulloitmeh hulloitmeh Mar 29, 2016
me be liek WAH TA FLUFF ~screams~PERVERT ~screams again~GET TEH HENTAI OFF DA STREET
Emilylovesanime Emilylovesanime Mar 15, 2016
Lucy:L-Laxus you hentai!! (°//^//°)
                              Laxus: .....L-Lucy..I-Im so sorry..*stops squishing her you know what*
                              Lucy: Hentai! Hentai!!
                              Me: Laxus! You're a hentai! Sheesh..
great_stupid_me great_stupid_me Nov 30, 2015
I like your story very much. 
                              Whoever you are I just want to say 
                              Good luck with your future with wattpad...
RavenSinDarkness RavenSinDarkness Nov 03, 2015
ForeverAlex9230 ForeverAlex9230 Jan 11, 2015
my next chapter is ready! i just have to proofread and then I'll update