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LOVE HURTS Yandere(Eren x reader x Levi)

LOVE HURTS Yandere(Eren x reader x Levi)

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Night Plushie By NightPlushie Updated May 08, 2016

It was the day when you were accepted for Survey Corps.You were walking down street as you had to met with your Corporal Levi.You were nervous and shaking as you came to his office and knocked on door "Who is it" he asked "It is me Corporal Levi _____ you said I need to meet you in your office" you said nervous "Tch come in" you came in as sit on chair "I saw your skills they were really good" he said with tch and turns to you "Now I will see you when you train with one of our cadet Eren Jaeger" he said as you go with him to training field. "Hello I am Eren,Eren Jaeger" he said taking out hand and shake hand with you "I am _____,_____ _____." you said as you start to train with Eren and Corporal Levi was watching you two.Eren than win and pushed you in floor pinned you. "I was thinking you will get easy on me because I am new here." you said "Sorry _____" he said still having pinned you on floor.

(Hey everyone hope you enjoyed part 1. Please comment how is it. \(o^o)/  and _______ her...

fnafqueen1 fnafqueen1 Dec 19, 2016
* speaks in a deep voice* It was a this moment they knew they were fücked up
nashiHeartifila nashiHeartifila Jun 27, 2016
Attack on Titans for life and I totally ship Levi and Eren they are my OTP
Yhona_Uiry Yhona_Uiry Apr 02, 2016
"Get off me.." she says bluntly with a cold face colder than antartica and north pole
Midnight_Aristania Midnight_Aristania Jul 12, 2016
Play "Dun Dun Dun Dun" by Mozart and 
                              Play it now!
                              *kills myself*
blue_diamond_789 blue_diamond_789 Jul 02, 2016
Oh now I get did that fat guy said to Levi your a wizard Levi if so that's so much sense because  can teleport
Midnight_Aristania Midnight_Aristania Jul 12, 2016
*flips him under you and some random "Deal with it" glasses popped up your face and a cap with a " Obey" sign on it was on your head and then a gold chain hanging down your neck and then this "MLG" music starts and different memes appeared.