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Repaired Heart **UTA PRI**

Repaired Heart **UTA PRI**

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Nightmary By jialiovalera Updated Mar 02, 2017

When STARISH ditched Haruka and hired a new composer. Haruka's heart was filled with darkness and was broken, she hated Emma and STARISH. Emma changed the band name into "Shooting Star". Haruka quit the SHINNING agency and goes to her Mother's agency. Her mother is a famous Idol before and now owns a agency like Shining Saotome. Haruka Nanami was just a fake, Haruka revealed her true self. Her real name is "Ermine Chrona Mikuji." Her band's name was "Harmonical Knights." While they were on vacation, they spent it in a hotel, and the room next door was Shooting Star's, when Shooting Star saw Chrona, Haruka appeared in their mind. They tried to talk to Chrona, but Chrona ignored them. She hated them for betraying her as their composer. First, Haruka became friends with some members, then all of them became friends. But if.. all of that was a misunderstanding?! And when someome explained, it was already too late!! What will "STARISH" do?!!

KokichiOuma15 KokichiOuma15 Jun 03, 2017
Geezus take a chill pill if you're just burning with anger Imma send you to antartica
reandayo reandayo Apr 19, 2015
maro maro xD
                              nice story u got here friend!
                              keep up the good work :D
- - Feb 17, 2015
Omg, this chapter is so... Idk, but it's so freaking interesting!
jialiovalera jialiovalera Jan 10, 2015
ahaha, okay? Syo's the one who's gonna make the 1st move, being friends with Chrona. I love Syo - chan so im making him a main character.... hehehe
jialiovalera jialiovalera Jan 10, 2015
ahehe... Im gonna change those... its giving me nightmares... xD
jialiovalera jialiovalera Jan 10, 2015
ikr xD i just wanted to make a difference. in the next next next chaptrs, they will do something about it.  Syo's going to take lead. :3 he'll be the one talking to Chrona most. >~< sori~