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Come find me > lrh

Come find me > lrh

59.5K Reads 2.1K Votes 29 Part Story
Lyxia By fxckmecliffxrd Completed

Sequel to monster - read that one first so this makes sense 
[completed, third book completed]

Angel, michael, calum and ashton were devastated once luke died, but they had to move on, and, of course, claim revenge on Alvin- Angel's ex fiancee who turned satanic. 

So they move to New York - but during their move there, Angel has a new piece of information that she found out in Luke's letter- that her life was a cycle. A loop that got on till her 17th birthday then- she turns into a ball of sun and explodes, but comes back a few years later only to die once she turns 17 again. 

Of course, moving to New York meant meeting new people, and so if Angel meets Harry - a boy whose intentions for her aren't at all that good- and promises to show her the truth, and her previous life, will she agree? Will she agree to find the answers she's been craving, and in the process herself?

xxFightMeCliffordxx xxFightMeCliffordxx Sep 01, 2016
..bitch u don't listen. I'm going to tell Luke, BRB I'm going to hell real quick.
July16th1996Hemmings July16th1996Hemmings Jun 24, 2016
Hehe....I'm back bitches,
                              And ready to blow these comment sections up
Undercover_Unicorn_ Undercover_Unicorn_ Feb 16, 2016
                              THANK THE UNICORN LORD
iluvtowrite99 iluvtowrite99 Jan 05, 2015
OMG THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME please start updating soon , you are such an amazing author
Magnetical Magnetical Jan 04, 2015
Omg I can't wait to see what will happen  *hopes that luke will came back to live*