Come find me > lrh

Come find me > lrh

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Lyxia By fxckmecliffxrd Completed

Sequel to monster - read that one first so this makes sense 
[completed, third book completed]

Angel, michael, calum and ashton were devastated once luke died, but they had to move on, and, of course, claim revenge on Alvin- Angel's ex fiancee who turned satanic. 

So they move to New York - but during their move there, Angel has a new piece of information that she found out in Luke's letter- that her life was a cycle. A loop that got on till her 17th birthday then- she turns into a ball of sun and explodes, but comes back a few years later only to die once she turns 17 again. 

Of course, moving to New York meant meeting new people, and so if Angel meets Harry - a boy whose intentions for her aren't at all that good- and promises to show her the truth, and her previous life, will she agree? Will she agree to find the answers she's been craving, and in the process herself?

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kuwarreaga kuwarreaga Sep 01, 2016
..bitch u don't listen. I'm going to tell Luke, BRB I'm going to hell real quick.
nekoluke nekoluke Jun 24, 2016
Hehe....I'm back bitches,
                              And ready to blow these comment sections up
Undercover_Unicorn_ Undercover_Unicorn_ Feb 16, 2016
                              THANK THE UNICORN LORD
iluvtowrite99 iluvtowrite99 Jan 05, 2015
OMG THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME please start updating soon , you are such an amazing author
Magnetical Magnetical Jan 04, 2015
Omg I can't wait to see what will happen  *hopes that luke will came back to live*