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Fate Led Me To You ~ Natsu x Reader ~

Fate Led Me To You ~ Natsu x Reader ~

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♥︎ Kate Quintanar ♥︎ By XxTheFairyQueenxX Completed

An eight year curse has been inflicted upon you. Now that you have awaken you serve one purpose: to kill the dragon slayer Natsu Dragneel.
As you stumble upon the guild, your past catches up to you, and soon, it becomes all too clear why your brother wanted you to kill the Fire Wizard in the first place.
But as you try to honor your sibling's wish, you end up doing the exact opposite.. and that brings upon deadly consequences.
What happens when you fall in love with the person you must kill? What happens when your family finds you after all these years? And the greatest question of all: find out why Fate Led You To Him.

peepslovescats10 peepslovescats10 Aug 29, 2016
I just have to get this out there but I thought Natsu was Zeref's brother
Mjroy36 Mjroy36 Jul 25, 2016
Hold up.. If your brother is Zeref then.. 
                              Natsu is your brother then since zeref' s brother is Natsu.
cassie7r3 cassie7r3 Aug 11, 2016
There are so many wholes in this 😂 like there are so many this wrong with me telling them my plan
What is wrong with people and incest? I'm not incest myself, but I support it.
DaRkChAoZlOrD DaRkChAoZlOrD Oct 01, 2016
Lol who says "And I must kill you!" When your surrounded by a group of people
AnimeLoverMai AnimeLoverMai Nov 20, 2016
I am Mai and I must kill you!
                              Me: .... I don't saying that when there isn't a group is the best idea