Falling Too Far

Falling Too Far

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Anahita By anifantasies Updated Jul 03

Noelle Richards.
An introvert, adorable, shy, obsessed with books, classified a type-A nerd, and has never fallen in love.

And here we have none other than Harper Andrews.
A bad boy, cocky, arrogant and charming- not to mention his notorious reputation of breaking hearts.

What happens when you put the ever so cliché good girl and bad boy together?
Why, fighting, panic attacks, social anxiety, arguments and shouting, of course.
But is it possible that they will find...

Soon enough, Noelle will find herself falling.
Falling Too Far.

A/N it sounds really cliche. At least at first it does- but honestly it gets a LOT less cliche as you read. (I hope so.)

Cover made by: (sorry i haven't gotten your name yet, but i will put it down once i get it!)

WARNING: This book deals with issues like self-harm.
HIGHEST RANKING: #3 in Teen Fiction

xBornABaddiex xBornABaddiex 2 days ago
I would've been like "why tf are you staring at me? If there is an issue you can pick it up for me."
JudeGharaibeh JudeGharaibeh 18 hours ago
Bitch if i where u id be lookin at my sides and behind me just to check that he aint smilin at another chick and befire my head enlarges
fareeha1982 fareeha1982 2 days ago
I swear this changed so many times, I remember when it was "I got into the play!" Or  "I got an A in History!"
ahmxoxo ahmxoxo 5 days ago
I just searched the person who plays this character on IG and let me tell u SHE IS TOO GORGEOUS..
Wow I love this story, if you see this comment could you please check out my story New Beginnings?
crystalshells crystalshells a day ago
This was my first story on wattpad and I just had to rr because its just so fricken awesome♥️♥️♥️