doctor, doctor » larry au

doctor, doctor » larry au

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h By amourheather Updated Jan 08, 2015

Where Harry's a doctor in America who knows a little more French than he lets on and Louis is a patient who knows a little bit more English than he lets on. They try to screw with each other. Knowingly. 


Where Louis visits America from France and winds up in a car accident. Harry is the doctor that was set in charge of him at the ER and during his stay.

(Idea courtesy of @posttraumatic)

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yellowpandas4 yellowpandas4 Aug 17, 2016
Could you maybe put in brackets what the French means? Like we don't understand what is being said so like if you could put the French and in brackets the English in italics or something after the paragraph that would be great thank u
tommo_2412 tommo_2412 Dec 08, 2015
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo u cant do that short chp and leave plsssssssssss update
TheCranberriz TheCranberriz Sep 20, 2015
Ne viens pas te plaindre quand on doit courir dans les couloirs par ta propre faute  
Ezeka3l Ezeka3l Jul 19, 2015
I'm really excited to read this, and if you have trouble with the French bits then I volunteer to help if that's what it takes for you to keep updating
Ezeka3l Ezeka3l Jul 19, 2015
so now "ne  vous plaignez pas quand ce est votre propre faute il fallait courir dans un couloir" really google translation sucks... so here's what you should write
                              "ne te plains pas, c'est de ta faute! tu n'avais qu'à courir dans le couloir"
Ezeka3l Ezeka3l Jul 19, 2015
then there's this "Calmez vous boules, Niall! Je sors maintenant!"
                              friends don't use "vous" except if you're talking to at least two of them
                              then again we don't use this kind of idiomatic we'd be more neutral like
                              "calme ta joie, Niall! J'arrive!"