The Boy I Was Supposed To Hate

The Boy I Was Supposed To Hate

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ZoHi__ By ZoHi__ Updated Jan 18, 2015

Addie Collins was the daughter of Lance and Maria Collins, the owners of Collins Ranch. She was brilliant, beautiful, and kind. She spoke to everybody and treated everyone with gentleness and respect. She was her senior class president and had every step in her future planned out. 

Noah Adams was the son of Mitchell and Carol Adams, the owners of Adams Ranch. He was bad, arrogant, and rude. He treated everybody like a step stool and got away with it because he was good looking. He was the senior bad boy and had nothing for his future planned out.

These two opposites happen to be neighbors and these two families happen to have been competing since before anybody could remember. Addie and Noah could not stand each other and never had anything to do with one another for that reason.

 Until an unexpected event causes for them two to be in the same house for one month.

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