Fury And Darkness: Legends of the Realm

Fury And Darkness: Legends of the Realm

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Jo Echavez By Jauhara85 Updated Jul 09, 2018

"There is no use fighting me, you will only make it harder and painful. You are already MINE!"

Alcione has been living a life that is so stupefyingly tedious, except that every night, in her dreams, she is being hunted down by a man with silver grey eyes, calling for her, compelling her to come with him, unable to resist his dark magic.

When the thin line between dream and reality vanish...

Her life was suddenly thrown into chaos when the mysterious man of her dreams invades even her waking hours, dragging her into the dark world of magic, mystery and death, forever concealed in his dark, chilling mist, claiming her, binding her to him.

Within the dark, chilling mist...

Will Alcione be able find her way back into the human world or will she be trapped within his claim on her, forever trapped in the world of gods, beautiful creatures, monsters and the immortals of the Realm.

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