Friends Till The End

Friends Till The End

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jaylak01 By jaylak01 Updated Jan 04, 2015

So just to give a quick idea of what the story is about.. It's about a 13 year old girl named Maggie who has been wanting a dog ever since she was 6. her and her best friend since kindergarten hunter have a secret place that they go to and bring strays.. She only keeps about 5or 8 at a minimum amount and she helps them get homes out of state or far enough as to where no one would tell her mom Anne. 

You may be wondering as to how she gets the money to take care of them or where the secret place is or how they see the vet or how her mom doesn't know. Well read the story and find out!! 

This may seem boring at first but trust me it's going to getting more interesting and juicier ;) 

And just saying there will be another book called Friends Till The End: The Big Rescue :) that's all I'm. Going to say for now ;)

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