Something Crazy (Coming soon)

Something Crazy (Coming soon)

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Angelica By angxlicamm Updated May 15, 2015

"I don't know, I guess I'm just...somethng crazy."

Maddison Parker. She never had a normal childhood. She was always the kid that sat in the back of the class that never really got notice. She didn't get bullied a lot though, she was kind of just...there. But you would have never guessed what she was going through for years an she isn't exactly a saint either.

Now Jayden Black. He was, well, an asshole. He was your school's badass. He walked around not caring and not talking to many except his 4 best friends. But he will not take shit from anybody, he's not afraid of giving you the beating of your life either.

So when Senior year comes and she hopes this is the year where things turn out okay, what do you think happens when Madison and Jayden meet and on terms you didn't really expect. Do you think Jayden will actually open up to her? Or just shut her out like he does everyone else? And what about her? Does she open up to him? Well, lets just say it'll end up turning into Something Crazy.


This story is COMING SOON. I've started it but I'm not going to post it until I have a decent amout of chapters. Thank you!!!

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