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Book One in the Centrob Chronicles

Hallie Baker lives in one of the many poor parts of the large kingdom, Centrob, controlled by dictator King Xavier.

Dragonriders are nobleman(and occasionally woman) lucky enough to Hatch a dragon and to have the same dragon Mark them.

When a group of nobleman come wanting to use the village children to Hatch and Mark a dragon, the parents of the children that can do this, will be rewarded while their children are taken away to the Mythical Academy, most likely never to be seen again.

When Hallie and her brother, Hatch two very powerful dragons, there lives change drastically. Making them question everything they have ever known as they-who swore to always be there for the other-grow farther apart.

There is a made-up language in this series, a dictionary will be updated regularly as the words are used. So if you wonder what something means, go look in the dictionary!!

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