Thot 3

Thot 3

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Tiny Elephant By oxyberry_ Completed

Book 3 of the " Thot " Series, Offset In jail and it's up to Erica to get the money to get him out so they can finally be together after all of the bullshitting they been doing about they love for each other. 

How will it end?
How does it begin?

Read to find out.

ChanteEwing ChanteEwing Jul 06, 2016
Wth hell to the noooo! Where's Junebug and Tyrone we boutta handle him
21wife 21wife Jun 08, 2016
Offset* hoes aint got no morals. Like youve just proved that youre a hoe. You cheating on qua with a nigga that aint got no damn respect for you.
yolobabbienissi yolobabbienissi Jan 04, 2015
Bruh,,offset get yo Shh together or I would personally beat ya ahh
yolobabbienissi yolobabbienissi Jan 04, 2015
zaaam quavo,,I thought you was the peace maker not ahh break lmao and why TF did you threw your child dumb ahh,,