Take Me To Church » Kit Walker

Take Me To Church » Kit Walker

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In which Hope Prescott is drowning and Kit Walker carries her ashore.


est. january 17th, 2015
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Alexishere98 Alexishere98 Mar 15, 2017
It roughly translates to, "Dominique, nique, nique simply went, road, poor and singing in all directions in all places." I put it in Google translate, so it may be a little off.
suckmyscars suckmyscars Apr 12, 2017
Throughout the whole season, I had this song in my head everyday all day
-fandomcrapp -fandomcrapp Nov 06, 2017
That song startdd to annoy me at the end of the season😂😂
HannahHopeHudson HannahHopeHudson May 28, 2016
My middle name is *Hope*. Yep. And I hate it. I hate my first name to... Then again my mother wanted to name me *H*annah *O*livia ((Which would've led to my initials being *H.O.H* So I'm sort of grateful..... Yeaaaaahhhhhh. Bai.
maliaargent maliaargent Feb 02, 2015
I laughed when kit said this because he sounded like a little kid
mcrningstar mcrningstar Jan 18, 2015
AGH I LOVE THREDSON SO MUCH. And wow this was amazing and the name for the main character woAH THAT IS CLEVER I LOVE IT