The Forgiving

The Forgiving

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livi143 By livi143 Updated Apr 04, 2015

My day started off with the usual; wake up, brush my teeth, shower, do my hair and makeup, then I get on the bus to go to school. But it wasn't just any school.. No it was far from it. Yes we learned.. Learned everything that was needed to be a proper, perfect slave for a dominant.Women never got equal rights.. We never got to control nor did we dominate. Instead we were slaves. Whether it was for cleaning, building, cooking or sex, we had no choice but to obey. If we ran away or never obeyed we would be sent away or sold. Sometimes to doctors to expieriment on..

Life for women wasn't the same as it used to be. 15 years ago it wasn't like this at all, my mom was a free woman along with millions.. Women had the freedom to do as they pleased. I was born free but a year later I was taken by my family and a new generation was born. Girls were to attented a special school were they would learn to be submissive and obey their dominant. No matter the cost...

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